Steve - Keyboards/Vocals

Steve was one of those kids whose parents made him take piano lessons. He started when he was 9 years old and then quit at 13 to focus on playing the guitar instead. Steve played guitar in the jazz band in high school and college and got the opportunity to back up a few famous jazz musicians. After college, he met some other jazz musicians who formed a band that played in the far western suburbs of Chicago.

Two years later, he moved back to Milwaukee and found work playing guitar and singing in wedding/cover bands and teaching guitar and keyboard at a local music store. One night at a band rehearsal, the guys were discussing how they were going to replace the keyboard player who had just quit. The bass player said, “All we’re going to find at this short notice is a mediocre keyboard player” and Steve said, “I’m that guy!” and has been playing keyboards in local bands ever since.

Steve has played in the Milwaukee area for many years and has been a member of numerous bands including Good Company, Hot Sauce, Those Good Intentions, The Best of Everything, Tom Green, The Moonlighters, and most recently Hat Trick. Steve enjoys being a part of Our House’s energetic show and helping the band interact with the audience.